D Hickey Civil Celebrant 

CELEBRANT GOLD COAST - Established 2004 - Ceremony, documentation, registration , white covered table, chairs with ribbons all provided within very reasonable fee (click on Photos - Album: Setting, Candles & Inclusions). I can provide personalized Unity Candle & tapers for Candle Ceremony or Candle can be boxed to sit on bridal table.

Immigration letter provided within fee on signature of Notice of Intended Marriage by resident party. I have a legal background & am familiar with all legal requirements. Celebrants are reviewed by the Attorney-General each 5 years. I hold a recent successful Performance Review from the Attorney General (click on History Page for legal information & Testimonials).

Ceremonies can include Unity Candle, Pouring of Coloured Sands, Exchange of Rose, Wrists tied with Orchids/ Rosary Beads/Ribbon (Tie the Knot), Cultural inclusions such as Korean Bowing to Parents, Lei Ceremony or, Words only - there are many choices. Candle Vase for outdoor Candle Ceremony available within fee. Sand Pouring Set available for Sand Ceremony within fee (you provide centre Container & sand).

I provide a sea shell or cushion to hold Ring/s & spray of silk flowers for table within fee. Marriage Certificate & Ceremony print-out is presented to you in a modern clear press stud Folder.

Popular venues include: beach, for example there are several Council decks on the edge of Main Beach, headlands, gardens, parks, restaurants, hotels or home for Marriage, Commitment , Same Sex Couple Commitment & Renewal of Vows Ceremonies (click on Photos to see some of my Ceremonies).

NAMING CEREMONIES - A non-religious Ceremony to welcome a child into a family with the appointment of Godparent/Mentors. It is said that Naming Ceremonies date back to the time of the Roman Empire.

A child may have not had a Naming Ceremony as a baby - a Naming Ceremony can be a nice way to celebrate a child's birthday. Naming Certificate is presented in modern clear press stud folder with Ceremony print-out. Certificates are also presented to Godparents/Mentors and Grandparents. Ceremonies can include Candle, Flowers with a Wish, Cultural inclusions or, Words only.

White covered table, chairs with ribbons & flowers all provided within fee. I can provide Personalized Candle with child's photo or words only for Candle Ceremony or, to sit on table (click on Photos - Album: Setting, Candles & Inclusions).

Please feel free to telephone 0402104079 (m) 07 55373897 (h) or email with any query.

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